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16-18 Seater Minibus Hire

The moment you choose Travel Eaze to provide your 18 passenger group with 16-18 seat minibus hire, you simply put an end to the endless stress and worry about traveling in Cambridge in your group of 18. We know that it can be overwhelming to travel using public buses and trains. Travel Eaze makes it easy for you to travel in Girton and Histon without incurring the cost of hiring multiple cabs for such a group. What we do is offer you the opportunity to cost share and save. We make sure you save your pounds in more ways than one.

Choosing the 16-18 seat minibus hire vehicle from any other provider other than Travel Eaze can be tricky. Some will scam you while others will offer substandard services in old, poorly maintained minibuses. When you call us, we make sure that every minibus you order is super clean, tastefully finished and maintained. We insure these vehicles to offer you some peace of mind when you travel. Ask us to provide proof of insurance and we will.
Professional Client Handling

The 16-18 seat minibus hire services from Travel Eaze are always in high demand. Part of it comes from the professionalism we employ when handling your group. We will pick you up at the airport and impress your group with our meet and greet services. Our fleet will help you impress anywhere you want to stop over in Ely and Huntingdon. Not only will you be impressed by the sleek models, the features we offer on board are equally striking. The reclining seats, multimedia entertainment system, leather upholstery, and the legroom will turn your journey into bliss.

Customized Services

The 16-18 seat minibus hire option from Travel Eaze is competitively priced. We spruce it up with every add-on we can think of. Ask us to provide the minibus to fit your bespoke travel needs and we won’t hesitate. Our competitors will struggle to offer the latest minibus models and they won’t honour your requests for customized services. At Travel Eaze, we have invested heavily to do exactly that for your group.

Knowledgeable Drivers

If you are looking for a dependable door to door service delivery for your 18 passengers, we will deliver. It doesn’t matter whether you are residing at the same hotel or the group is to be dropped at different addresses, our knowledgeable drivers will do it easily. We care about your welfare and we ensure that your group rides with a screened and knowledgeable chauffeur. Don’t let your group trip experience end up in shambles just because you chose a cheap offer from some backyard taxi operator.

At Travel Eaze, our provision of the 18 seater minibus is guided by our commitment for customer satisfaction. We have incentivised the booking process such that you get a discount if you use our tech-savvy booking app. Contact us today.

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